Lotus Heavy Duty Front CV Axle -FJ Cruiser/4th gen 4Runner/2nd gen Tacoma - Chromoly Caged Axles


  • This Lotus Development Axle part # LACC98083 is for vehicles FJ Cruiser (2007 - 2014), 2nd Gen Tacoma (2005 - 2014), 4th Gen 4Runner (2003 - 2009).  

    An axle built up for those times on the trail when you find yourself pushing the angles on your CVs to pull past an obstacle. Greatly reduces the risk of breaking components in the outer CV joint. 

    The OEM makes a good CV (Constant Velocity) axle but it's original design was really intended for a paved road where the suspension is rarely if ever completely flexed out. Lotus Development chromoly axles take it a few steps further and replace the outer joint with all new internals. Chromoly steel composition and larger components. It's over 6 times stronger than the OEM parts.

     4Wheeling pushes the design beyond the original intent and it's not uncommon to break the outer cage in the joint. The stock outer cage in the CV axle is prone to break when you get a combination of front wheel droop and a turned-to-lock steering. When max angles are reached the axle actually leverages against itself causing failure in the outer cage. This often happens when a trail has wash out or a rock obstacle large enough to flex out the suspension.

    Almost by definition, rock crawling requires a wheeler to occasionally negotiate complex paths and push the suspension to it's limits. We love the stuff and redesigned the components in the outer joint of the axle to give a significant increase in strength over the OEM axles.

    While it's easier to turn around after breaking an OEM axle on the trail it sure isn't very much fun to do so and that's part of what lead us to these new Lotus Development axles. Since it's normally the outer joint that fails on an OEM axle we raised the strength of the joint components to match the rest of the axle. 

    At this time we only sell the entire axle fully assembled and do not sell the cage and race separately.

    No warranty on the CV boots but a full 1 Year warranty on the rest of the axle (axle shafts, race, cage, tripod, etc.)

    **Price is per axle (1).