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It is very important we all understand each other. Please take the time to read this section in full.


In order to pay for materials and reserve technician time, a non-refundable deposit must be made prior to scheduling service. This can vary based on material costs and technician time required and will be disclosed prior to payment. Often this deposit is the purchase of your parts for your project.



Labor: 90 days/3,000 miles from date of completion. If a 10-day/500 mile recheck/retorque is required it must be done or this warranty will be voided. We do not cover any outside service fees to repair warranty issues for aftermarket modifications. Unless you are told otherwise there are no exceptions. We honor and administer our labor warranty in-house only. This warranty does not cover customer supplied parts that fail or require replacement during the warranty period, it only covers our workmanship.

Parts: Varies based on manufacturer. All parts warranties will be honored by SWAT Customs and may or may not need to be administered by the part manufacturer. We do not warranty customer supplied parts and cannot help with warranty claims on any parts we did not originally sell.

Order & Project Cancellations

Due to the custom nature of our work, we must order and pay for parts and materials in advance and reserve our technicians' time for our customers. Due to this, cancellations often result in fees we must pay to our vendors, and lost pay and time for our employees. This helps to explain why we must require a non-refundable deposit. Some special orders cannot be cancelled. If special ordered parts were used as your deposit, you own the parts. Once payment is made for a project refunds will not be issued unless a mistake was made on our part. Please understand this section before committing to a project, if we need to push an appointment out to accommodate your schedule, tell us.


In order to maintain your custom work, modifications, and upgrades, periodic rechecking, retorquing, and/or inspection is required. This is especially important if the vehicle is used for racing or off-road purposes. We recommend coming in once a year for an annual inspection, retorque, and alignment. A lack of maintenance may result in a small problem becoming a bigger problem, and no warranty covers user negligence. We advise a minimum of once-per-year visits however more frequent visits may be required if your vehicle sees frequent or severe use in off-road or racing environments. It is the vehicle owner's responsibility to understand all maintenance requirements for their modifications. If you have any questions let us know immediately. Common required maintenance can include, but is not limited to, greasing zerk fittings (ball joints, tie rods, sway bar links, etc.), keeping shocks and struts clean of dirt and debris, and regular retorquing of lift kit hardware.


Most parts that are unopened, unused, and uninstalled can be returned, less restocking fees and/or return shipping, within 30 days of purchase. Once a part is opened or installed it cannot be returned for any reason even if it is wrong, so please make sure any parts you are ordering are correct for your application. Defective parts will be taken care of per the manufacturer's warranty policy.

Vehicle Storage

Due to limited space and for our customers' vehicles' security, all vehicles must be picked up within 24 hours of completion (unless otherwise arranged). A storage fee of $100 per day will be assessed beginning the second full day after a vehicle is completed.

Old/Used Parts

You must inform us if you wish to save your old parts before we start your service. Your parts may be damaged or destroyed during normal removal to save time and lower your labor costs. Additional labor may need to be charged to keep them in usable condition. No compensation or replacements will be provided after the fact.

Payment Card Fee

All card transactions will incur a 3% fee. This amount is less than we pay and helps to cover the cost and convenience of using a payment card. All quotes are cash price unless otherwise noted. Paying cash saves you and us money.

Rack Fee

If you choose to supply your own parts, and your vehicle becomes stuck on a rack due to missing or incorrect parts, a rack fee of $100/hour may apply for each business hour the rack is inaccessible. This only applies to customer supplied parts and never applies to parts we sell and provide. If we can move your vehicle off the rack, but it cannot be driven or picked up and must be stored at our shop, our normal vehicle storage fee will apply.

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